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Training courses

Our company has been training top managers and executives for more than 15 years and has thus acquired a great knowledge of the world of business and its requirements.

Since 2007, AFAIRTRAD has also had the approval number granted by the Prefecture to provide approved English language training courses which can be covered and financed by a training budget or as part of a CPF for each employee.

Our training courses can take place in your company, in the premises of your choice, at AFAIRTRAD, face to face, or remotely by videoconference (on Teams, Zoom, Skype, ... at your convenience). 

Training sessions take place face to face, for the duration of your choice (1h, 2h, 4h), depending on the availability of the person to be trained, or by telephone. Accelerated training is also possible.


Documents and working tools are provided, as well as a training certificate at the end of the course.

Each course is  tailor-made to suit your needs and objectives.

We take care of "real" or "false" beginners, or advanced learners to work on a specific business vocabulary or to develop specific skills in technical, commercial or industrial English: HR, quality, purchasing, management, accounting, etc.

We can also improve oral fluency correct an overly French accent, prepare you for a trip abroad, an interview or a call in English, ...

We also prepare for exams such as Linguaskill or TOEIC, which are acknowledged in the business world.

French as a Foreign Language (FLE): think about quickly integrating foreign employees by giving them FLE training; please consult us.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the confidence to express yourself in English and to share our pleasure in seeing you progress!


Our English courses are Qualiopi-certified since October 2020, which is a guarantee of quality for you.

Résultats des tests de la formation « PERFECTIONNEMENT EN ANGLAIS »