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Beware of automatic translators! They have their limits and never take the context into account !

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Our company has been training top managers and executives for more than 15 years and has thus acquired a great knowledge of the world of business and its requirements.

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If you need sound recordings or soundtracks with an English voice to illustrate a visual document or a corporate film.

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Tip to improve your understanding of English and your accent: go to the BBC Learning English website, with loads of interactive exercises, all in English and free!

About us

Coralie MARTIN-ZAMMIT founded the cabinet AFAIRTRAD in January 2000, after having worked in England, Germany and the Paris region as a French-English translator and interpreter.

Graduated in 1995 fromI.S.I.T. Paris, FESIC Grandes Ecoles and the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce, she knew how to transform her passion for the English language into a profession on communication from and to English, resolutely turned towards the English culture.

Anglophile for more than 20 years, her regular visits and contacts with our British neighbours, as well as the constant care to update her knowledge, have made her a specialist in English communication

Coralie Martin-Zammit has been active in Networking”for decades: as a Senator of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), as member of several local networks: BAM, CABC, Créer comme Elles, also active on LinkedIn.

Expert legal translator at the Court of Appeal in Reims

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Our English courses are QUALIOPI-certified since October 2020, which is a guarantee of quality for you.
QUALIOPI attests to the quality of the training process implemented by the providers of actions contributing to the development of skills.